Photography courtesy of Lady Luck Photography Studios

Photography courtesy of Lady Luck Photography Studios

The Story 

Has your child or a family member been recently diagnosed? 

Do you know someone who struggles relating to their peers in social settings or school?

Do their siblings have questions or want to advocate for them? 

Like young leaves growing on a tree, each and every child around us is unique. 

No two children, or four, or even six, will develop and learn at the same pace or in the same way. Part of the joy of childhood is discovering the world around you and finding your place in it through playing, making friends, being with your family, exploring ideas, laughing, and learning at home and at school. 

This charming children’s picture book explores childhood, family, friendship and the many tasks of daily living, learning, and playing. It encourages children to be kind to each and to respect the very differences that make us each unique! It’s also a resource for parents, educators, and child development specialists to help children learn the value of their peers.